Injured in a car accident in Alberta? Involved in a motor vehicle crash? Were  you cycling or simply a pedestrian and you were hit by a car or truck? We are here to help you to get the compensation you deserve!

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What can we help you to recover as compensation?

You are entitled to

Pain and Suffering: ​​Pain and suffering ​typically classified as “general” or “non-pecuniary” damages, this is awarded for suffering the injuries themselves.

Income and lost wages. ​if you are injured in an accident and are no longer able to work or work at the same capacity as before, you may be entitled to compensation.

Medical expenses: ​while most basic healthcare in Canada is covered, additional therapy, imaging and expert diagnosis may not be. We recover these costs back from the defendant insurance company when we settle your file (Disbursements).

In the case of motor vehicle accidents, most of this is covered by your insurance as Section B benefits for the first two years after the accident. If this is not the case, we can work with your insurance company for payment of treatment and any eligible out of pocket expenses they should be reimbursing you for.

Relationship Suffering: In some cases where the injury from the accident affects your intimate relationship, the partner may be able to receive compensation for this loss.

House keeping if you are unable to perform your daily tasks in and around the home, e.g. cooking, cleaning, yard work or caring for your dependents, you may be entitled to compensation for the loss of ability maintain your home life.


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We are a personal injury law firm based in Edmonton. We are here to help Albertans in personal injury claims (primarily relating to motor vehicles). If you are in Alberta and have been injured due to someone’s negligence in any accident involving a car, truck, bike, motorcycle, bus or even if you were a pedestrian and have been injured, we look forward to hearing from you.

Some motor vehicle accidents are avoidable, and so there are bound to be some accident-related injuries. When an accident happens, particularly when it results in an injury, it can turn a person's life upside down.

Here at TMS Law Office we focus on helping you and your loved ones, when you have experienced injuries in a motor vehicle accident due to someone's negligence. Having an injury can ba a very painful, and stressful experience in and of itself. The process of going through the right lawful action, medical system, insurance follow-up, family management etc. can quickly overwhelm any person. Our team, at TMS Law Office, can help you with the stress and properly deal with your claim.

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Traffic Injuries Fact: Alberta

As per Alberta's published traffic collision statistic, The number of traffic injuries increased 10.6% over the past year from 11,844 in 2020 to 13,097 in 2021. In case your interest lies in reading the full report, please read it here.

What can you do right away if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident?

  • Call emergency services if there are serious injuries of any parties involved
  • Exchange information with the other driver
  • Take pictures of the vehicles and accident site (in a safe manner)
  • Take note if there are any dashboard cameras or street cameras that may have recorded the incident

Who to call after a motor vehicle accident?

If you are not hospitalized because of the accident but still feel injured after reporting the accident to your vehicle insurance and the police (where total damage is estimated to be above $2,000.00), contact your family doctor to start.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, Contact the police immediately to report the incident and ensure your safety and that of others involved. Notify your insurance company as soon as possible to start the claims process and understand your coverage. Seek medical attention promptly to assess and treat your injuries, prioritizing your health and well-being. Consult with a specialized accident injury lawyer to understand your legal rights and options. Your health should always be your top priority, so focus on recovering and following your doctor's recommendations. Leave the legal matters to us; our experienced team will handle your case and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.


man shek TSO


Barrister and Solicitor

Man Shek has two masters degrees in Law. He practices in Edmonton, Alberta, and he primarily focuses on civil litigation. More specifically, he practices as a personal injury lawyer.

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An accident, no matter how big or small it feels, can cause you physical, emotional, and psychological injuries. Not to mention Financial stress and family struggles.

The injuries resulting from an accident can adversely affect you. Accidents can cause various types of injuries: Brain Injury, Whiplash, Paralysis, Chronic Pain, Fractures and lacerations, Spinal Injuries and sometimes, Death. We understand that all injuries need to be treated as quickly and effectively to ensure your health and longevity and to ensure we obtain the highest compensation for you!

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Professional, Integrity, Transparency and Sincerity.  I highly recommend TMS Lawyers.  Their team have been phenomenal in my case.  TMS Law is truly professional and result oriented.

L Cheung

TMS Law is super awesome at what they do. They really know their stuff and talked me through the whole process. They answered any questions I had along they way and did so in a professional manner. I would recommend them for sure! 

Erin B

We were very happy with TMS Law team representing my car accident case very quickly and professionally.  All staff members are very kind, nice, friendly and respectable, we would 100% percent recommend him, thanks TMS law once again!

Ken Z

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