What can you do immediately if you have been in an accident?

Immediate Actions If Involved In Accident

We never want to see ourselves involved in a motor vehicle accident or in-fact, in any type of accident. On the other side, a car accident, a bike accident and other on road and off road accidents can happen due to a number of reasons.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, taking some immediate steps and precautions can help you and your Personal Injury lawyer in ensuring you are able to argue for the compensation you are entitled to. Taking the right steps and observations at the accident scene can help provide detailed evidence in legal proceedings.

Here are the simple steps that you should take if involved in a car or other motor vehicle accident. 

Call 911 in case of an accident

The moment you realize that the accident has happened, call 911 for help and follow their directives. They will direct you based on the severity of the accident and any injuries occurred in the accident. Also, once you have reported the accident to the police and they have completed the necessary paperwork, always get a copy of the police report.

Don’t leave the accident scene

Never leave the scene of an accident you have been involved in. Leaving an accident scene., no matter how small, will always stand as a wrong decision taken by you and will never support you in anyway because you will not have any evidence or information from the other parties involved. Worst, it is illegal, and it is serious criminal offense. That is why it is important to call the police to let the authorities decide if any charges need to be given and who is at fault.. So, never leave any accident scene until speaking to police and gathering your evidence!

Exchange information of the drivers

If other motor vehicles  are also involved in the accident you were in, exchange with all parties involved. Ensure that you exchanged driver’s license, insurance  information and registration details. For faster exchanges take pictures. Don’t rely on your memory to remember any of this information.  Bare minimum note it down!

Take pictures and videos of the accident

Take pictures of the accident scene, all the damages to your vehicle and the damage to all vehicles of all other parties involved. Also watch for any parts that might have spread on the road at a distance as a result of the collision. You can also ask and take pictures of all the people involved in the accident as soon as/if you are able to do so. Note down all the air bags that deployed due to the collision and take pictures of the deployed air bags. Take a picture of the odometer so that you can have the kilometer reading of the actual accident. Take video footage of the accident if you are safely able to do so.

Check on all the people involved in the accident

If you are in a state to do so, check on all the people that are with you to check if anyone is seriously hurt. If they are able to, get out of your vehicle and walk around and check on all other people involved in the collision. If they get out of their vehicles, watch them while they come out to make sure they are stable to walk. Check around the vehicle to spot any potential fuel leakage after calling first responder. Let them know right away if you see anyone injured or anything leaking.