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Whiplash Injury

Whiplash Injury

What is a whiplash injury?

A whiplash injury is a neck injury caused by sudden forceful neck movement in forward and backward direction. In case of a car accident, it is usually caused when the car is rear ended.

A wiki page describes it here.

What causes whiplash injuries?

It is a common injury caused by car accidents when the vehicle is hit from behind, or rear ended. The more powerful the impact, the more severe the injury. The clinical term for the two stages of this injury is hyperextension, which occurs when your head is pushed or flung back with force, which is followed by the hyperflexed position where your head is pushed forward with force.

Why hire a whiplash injury lawyer?

An injury lawyer will give you detailed guidance on the incident and walk you through the process of recovering, including maximum compensation for your injuries. Mostly, whiplash injuries are caused due to rear-end accidents. Are you injured in Edmonton or in Alberta? Our Edmonton based injury lawyer will provide you with no-cost consultation for your injury.

Extreme cases of whiplash injuries may lead to serious long-term disabilities. A whiplash injury lawyer will ensure the protection of your rights. We have the whiplash injury lawyer here in Edmonton, who will represent your short term and long term interests during the entire compensation claiming process.

How can a whiplash injury concern an accident victim?

One of the main concerns of such an injury is that it may have detrimental, long term effects on the victim. In certain chronic cases, one might experience random depression, anger, frustration, anxiety, and stress. This may lead a person into social isolation and many more lasting and impactful mental health issues.

In 2004, the Canadian government announced a set of laws that graded severity of the different whiplash injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

Due to the injury grading complications, the best course of action is to hire the whiplash injury lawyer in Alberta, who will advise you on how to proceed with your whiplash injury claim and get fair compensation.

A misconception about whiplash injuries

Even a serious whiplash injury can often be disregarded and mistreated due to the lack of understanding of the condition. A misconception about this injury is that if you remain immobile for a prolonged period of time, your neck will eventually get better. This is harmful and simply holds no truth. Studies have shown that different types of specific neck motions and exercises will lead to faster recovery.

Ignoring this injury may lead to chronic psychological issues. Even though a serious whiplash injury is rarely fatal, it can lead to prolonged periods of partial disability.

Accident victims may recover fully from whiplash injuries but without proper treatment, these injuries can become be susceptible to become chronic “whiplash-associated disorders.”

Whiplash injury diagnosis and common treatments

It can be difficult to diagnose a whiplash injury because it is subjective and depends on the patient. The first step is to ensure that there are no neck injuries. If there happens to be one, you need an MRI and an X-ray because there is possibility of sustaining damages in the soft tissues of the neck, and that may cause instability and constant pain.

The most common treatment offered by the doctors is using a cervical collar for your neck. In order to properly diagnose and treat this injury, doctors also educate accident victims about whiplash injuries.

The X-ray and MRI will show the damage to the neck and spinal cord alignment. If these reports are negative, then certain neck and shoulder exercises are recommended to speed up the recovery process. If however the neck and spinal cord are injured, complete bed rest is recommended along with a soft cervical collar to wear around your neck.

I have a whiplash injury. Do I need to sue the responsible party?

It may not be the preferred choice of action to sue the person responsible for the accident. An injury lawyer will be able to determine the right course of action after consulting with you.

There are certain limitation dates to follow in the event of litigation.

It is important to keep in mind that your medical and other bills may pile up. You may end up without the necessary support to get over the whiplash injury and carry on with your life. Needless to say, without consulting the whiplash injury lawyer of Edmonton, you will miss all the potential compensation that you can receive otherwise.

If you or any of your family members have suffered a whiplash injury in an accident, the best course of action that you can take is to consult our Edmonton whiplash injury lawyer who will advise you and give you the best options to proceed.

A few small cautions that can help prevent whiplash injuries

It is impossible to prevent all accidents. There are certain measures that one could take to prevent whiplash injuries as effectively as possible.

Use seatbelts and head restraints properly to minimize the chances of a whiplash injury. In case of a stronger impact, air bags will protect the driver and passengers.

For a whiplash injury victim, you might have a lot on your plate. You will want to have a speedy recovery and all the necessary support, including financial support. Our whiplash injury lawyer will guide you while you are recovering.

If you are ever involved in a serious whiplash injury, the best option is to reach out to our whiplash injury lawyer in Edmonton.

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