How an accident injury lawyer can help?

As an injury lawyer, we can help you in any and all of these situations. In general, we guide you to deal with your insurance company to securing the settlement for you which is, as per statistics, over 300% higher on an average when an injury lawyer services are used. Contact Us.

Brain Injury

Personal Injury

Hit and Run Injury




We will ask you for details regarding your accident to find out how can we help in your best interest.


We will establish contact with the required insurance companies and other agencies on your behalf and start the dialogue.


Depending upon the response we get, we will initiate the claim process for you to proceed towards settlement.


Most of the cases are settled with the active involvement of an accident injury lawyer and without a trial.

We will follow these steps to understand and advance your injury claim as per need.


We deal with your insurance company

Your right to personal compensation could be severely impacted if you fail to notify your insurance company on time, or if you don't prepare your accident injury claim properly. 
We are here to help and deal with the involved insurance companies directly on your behalf and garner the best settlement. for you.                   


Collect necessary expert evidence and medical reports

Your medical evidence is the foundation of your case. Medical evidence is substantially important in explaining the severity of your injury on the final settlement. The lawyers at the TMS Law Office helps prepare your case with utmost care and diligence, particularly as it is related to your medical evidence.


Representing you in settlement negotiations

We will represent you through the entire injury claim negotiation and final settlement process. We, as your representative, ensure that you are claiming the entire accident injury claim amount, and that all the potential value is converted into financial benefit for you.


Secure higher settlements

Statistics show that those who hire a lawyer receive settlements over 300% higher on average than those who don't. 
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