Edmonton Injury Lawyer

Edmonton Injury Lawyer

Edmonton Injury Lawyer

Edmonton Injury Lawyer – Man Shek at TMS Law Office

TMS Law Office is an Edmonton injury law firm and represents Albertans who are in need of an accident injury claim. We are proud to be helping the clients in need and advance their accident injury claim towards maturity with the attention, speed and compensation they very well deserve.

Man Shek Tso holds two graduate degrees in law and is a renowned Edmonton injury lawyer, specializing in personal injuries. He owns the TMS Law Office at 8704, 51 Ave NW in Edmonton. It is located in Millwoods, South side in Edmonton.

We practice civil litigation law in Edmonton, specialize in personal injury law and represent motor vehicle accident injury clients from all over Alberta. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident anywhere in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Airdrie or anywhere in Alberta, we can provide the much needed helping hand to you. We are available 24 hrs a day on our personal accident injury line 780-246-6188. Contact our Edmonton injury lawyer.

How an accident injury can change your life abruptly?

The serious accident injuries, such as a brain injury or a spinal cord injury have a devastating and everlasting impact on your life as well as your direct family member’s life. The quality of your life may suffer exponentially due to such an injury. Such injuries can and will disturb your daily life routine with kids, your spouse and your own work. You will be unable to carry-on the daily necessary tasks if suffering and dealing with such an injury.

If you or anyone you know has suffered an accident injury due to someone-else’s negligent driving, we are available 24/7 to helping you. Cal us at: 780-246-6188.

What you might not be able to do due to an accident injury?

Daily routine tasks are easy, as long as we are healthy. The moment we have an injury, we feel the difference it creates. Many day to day tasks that we used to do with ease before the accident injury, can be hard to handle now. Some example activities that our body may not handle easily now are;

  • Walking and running
  • Moving hands, legs and back
  • Moving neck
  • Moving fingers
  • Typing
  • Climbing
  • Using ladder
  • Extending body
  • Chewing
  • Oiling skin
  • Eyesight impact and ability to see
  • Talking
  • Drinking
  • Eating
  • Chewing
  • Sleeping
  • Bending and turning
  • Tying laces
  • Wearing cloths
  • Taking off clothes
  • Taking off shoes
  • Sitting in toilet
  • Urinating
  • Knee dependent activities
  • Hearing
  • Swallowing
  • Exercising
  • Lifting weight, etc.

These are just a few possible accident injury downsides. We may sustain short-term, long-term and permanent injuries due to an accident. There are internal body injuries resulting from an accident. Due to such an outcome, the daily life surely gets excessively and negatively effected, with no sign of getting back to the life that we lived prior to the accident.

As an Edmonton injury lawyer, we provide you a free consultation to decide and pursue any legal process due to any personal accident injury. If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident anywhere in Alberta, we, as personal injury lawyer will represent your case with passion as well as strength it needs to get you the right injury compensation. Achieving your best interest is our only goal, let it be a fair settlement or let it be a trial. We always look forward to ensure that the end result helps you in gaining your “prior to accident lifestyle” back, as soon as you can. We know you need a proper compensation to do so.

And just to mention, we work on “NO WIN NO FEE” basis. You don’t give us any money if you don’t win the case. You don’t even spend any money related to the report and medical activities pertaining to your accident injury claim case.

What is the role of an insurance company in an accident injury?

Insurance is a complex subject. There are many clauses, variations, inclusions and exclusions. An accident injury and then insurance company’s proceedings are even more complicated. We highly recommend to use a personal accident injury lawyer in case of an accident injury because otherwise the complexities of the insurance policy may quickly overtake you.

In case of an accident and injury, there is usually more than one insurance company that needs to be dealt with. In simplest situation, one is your insurance company and the other is the second person’s insurance company who is involved with you in the accident.

The interest of the insurance companies usually does not align with your interest. An injury lawyer works best in your interest. An insurance company doesn’t. They have their own interest to protect. Your financial interest and insurance company’s financial interest are normally at conflict.

Due to this, we advice that as soon as you are in an accident, inform your own insurance company but DO NOT speak with the insurance company of the other person who is involved with you in the accident. They have trained lawyers on their side and they will quickly gain advantage over your situation if you speak with them. They are not primarily bothered with your pain and suffering. Speak with our Edmonton injury lawyer first. Call our office at 780-246-6188.

What process does an Edmonton injury lawyer follows to claim a compensation due to an accident injury?

If you or anyone you know is injured in an accident in Alberta, due to other driver’s fault, we suggest you to consult and take services of our Edmonton injury lawyer.

Our Edmonton injury lawyer will follow a systematic process to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Our injury lawyer has been practicing in Alberta with very elite companies and owns his law firm in Edmonton.

Some basic steps that our Edmonton injury lawyer will follow are;

  • We will have a detailed initial conversation with you to know about the accident. If you are immobile due to the accident injury, we can come to you.
  • We will connect with all the authorities and parties required on your behalf. This may include law, medical, insurance, municipality etc.
  • We will collect all the required paperwork on your behalf.
  • We will converse with the insurance company with an intent and interest for a fair accident injury settlement for you.
  • We will prepare and represent your case in the court of law as and if required.
  • We will handle disbursement on your behalf.
  • We will communicate with you as required.

We know injuries take time to heal. Injuries can also get worse with time. Our primary goal is to help you gain back your life that you lived prior to the accident, as soon as possible.

Call us for a free, no obligation consultation at 780-246-6188.

What to do immediately if involved in an accident?

How our Edmonton injury lawyer is different?

In two words, as per our Edmonton injury lawyer, we care.

We are experienced, but then, all injury lawyers have experience. Some have experience only…

We are passionate about you and your life. We understand that each client, each accident and each injury is different. If you are unable to move due to a personal accident injury, we are available to visit you at your place. In our vision, mission and values, you, our client, is our only focus. We take your case very seriously and handle it with utmost importance.

We always consider that as an accident injury victim, you are dealing with a magnitude of things and life has already taken a harder turn on you. Our goal is to helping you to get back to your normal life again. As soon as we can help you on that!

Check some of our client’s reviews here!

Is it advised to settle my own accident injury claim?

No. We do not advice to settle your own personal accident injury claim. It is certainly doable but first, you may not be in physical and mental state to do that. Secondly, You will be up against insurance company lawyers and you may not be able to negotiate best for yourself.

As the time proceeds, there will be more and more requirements to fulfill. These requirements may need to liaise with many authorities at many levels. At the least, it will demand time and not knowing the process in entirety, trying to do while you are injured, will only add further to the complications you already have.

There can be other external complications such as a driver driving without a drivers license and a valid insurance. This will take away your peace of mind and will further create anxiety for you.

On the other hand, we, as an accident injury lawyer, do not charge anything in the beginning and work on a “NO WIN NO FEE” basis. We are paid only when you are paid. We work for your peace of mind. You are recovering back and taking care of the most important things in your life while we work on your case.

As far as the numbers are concerned, a personal accident injury victim receives 300% more settlement amount on an average, if he or she uses the services of an accident injury lawyer compared to the people who choose not to use an injury lawyer’s service.

Due to all these reasons, hiring the right personal injury lawyer is in your best interest while you are recovering from the financial, emotional and physical impact of the accident you were in.

Need our Edmonton injury lawyer to call you? Contact us at 780-246-6188.

What if somebody “hit and run” and I sustained personal injury in that accident?

We understand that many accident injury victims may not pursue a case simply because somebody hit them and ran away. Worst, unknowingly and unwillingly, they choose to suffer and go into depression.

We will like to share that you are entitled to the compensation in any “hit and run” case. There are proper channels to follow and rules exist for the benefit of any “hit and run” accident injury victim.

We focus on personal injury law in Alberta. There is no upfront cost to you until the case is settled and you have received your compensation. We have helped clients who have sustained personal accident injuries due to a motorcycle, car, truck, SUV and other motor vehicle accidents. Give us a call today at 780-246-6188 if you are a victim of any “hit and run” case.

Who pays for all the costs involved until my accident injury claim is settled or judged in the court?

We pay all your cost and expenses related to your proceedings about your accident injury claim until it is settled or is decided upon in the court of law. You do not spend any money. Our team understands that you are already recovering from the devastating effects of the accident and personal injury. Your livelihood may already be effected. It is totally unfair for you to spend any money on your case at this moment.

What if I am injured in an accident out of Alberta in another province in Canada?

If you are injured in an accident outside Alberta, we will certainly point you in the right direction so that you can get the help you need, as fast as possible. We will not represent you in the court of law.

In case you or someone who lives outside Alberta in any other Canadian province, but was injured in Alberta in an accident, we can represent you in the court of law so that you can get the fair personal injury compensation.

What are the common injuries in a car accident?

A car accident can be fatal. Some of the serious injuries that can be detrimental are whiplash, back injury, brain injury, fractures, burns, knee, hip and joint injuries, amputation, crush injuries, paralysis, broken limps and skull, internal fractures and bleeding etc.

The intensity of the injury can vary with certain things such as speed at the time of accident, number of occupants at the time of accident, safety features of the car etc.

All these and such injuries can take a long time to heal physically and even longer to heal emotionally.

Our Edmonton injury lawyer understands all the variability and knows how to represent you for a fair settlement and in the court of law for proper compensation if required.

What is the one advice we would like to give to the accident injury victims, as an Edmonton injury lawyer?

Don’t delay. This is the one advice we will like to give to the accident victims as an Edmonton injury lawyer. Contact a personal injury lawyer at the first chance you can. Prefer instantaneously. With each passing moment, the memory in your mind will fade and it will be harder to gather back all the evidence.

Contact our Edmonton injury lawyer to get immediate reply about your case. If you prefer calling, call us at 780-246-6188.